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Tycho / on Mon, May 7 2018 at 10:35 am

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We weren’t trying to write a strip about it, but Gabriel has thoughts and feelings about the way I manage my personal space and thus did a strip materialize.

I have a couple Kickstarters coming in actually - my copy of EXCEED Season 2, complete with Carl Swangee from Automata, is just a couple hours south of me.  It’s not scheduled to get to my house for another ten days, though, close as it may be, and I can never figure out if this state of affairs is tantalizing slash delicious or if it is maddening.  I suspect these concepts are entangled at a very deep level.

Gather, though. I’d seen a tweet about Gather from Gavin when it launched, and it got me cranked up.  I saw another path for myself that involved a metamorphosis into a kind of psychic railgun capable of delivering lethal notions downrange.  I occasionally witness this profound vision and I am even able to maintain it for as many as ten days.

Even if I establish a policy about this stuff, other people always want to loan me a book or heap an offering of fish and grain on my black altar.  I’m not mad at it, I’m just saying that I don’t exist in a hermetic chamber and that I in fact exist in a continuum where people constantly share inspiration and this inspiration often takes the form of a physical loaf.

I always think that it’s not having an effect on my ability to think about shit, but every few months it gets cleaned and energy courses through my body, granting clarity and obliterating disease.  So, maybe I’m wrong.

I brought it in last week, Thursday or so.  It’s still on the table in its box.  It looks so nice in there, so effortless in its task distilling power, that I haven’t been able to set it up.  It’s already optimal; I’d be making a mess by taking it out.

(CW)TB out.

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