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Tycho / on Wed, Sep 26 2018 at 10:59 am

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The Shame Hole

Gabriel hates Kell’s Grave as a Gambit map.  I mean, I have maps I’m scared of: Cathedral Of Stars, the one that got unlocked on the raid completion, is mostly a suite of opportunities for me to look at the underside of the map.  But I don’t carry motes unless I pick one up on accident and then have to get four more just to make it worth the trouble.  Gabe carries motes.  And, apparently - I’m getting all this second hand - falling into the acid with fifteen motes feels real bad.

We’ve been trying to figure out this “Nightingale” error he’s had in there for a few days, one that won’t let him connect at all, and it’s truly goofy - it’s something to do with Comcast, or Xfinity, or whatever they’re calling themselves, because he can play just fine if he connects through his hotspot.  I’ve been dealing with his NAT horseshit for the entire span that Network Address Translation has been a fact of consumer Internet access, because he exerts some field.  It’s possible there might have been a time when I said something like that with the expectation of low effort giggles, but even as somebody who demands a bit more material from my material reality the the scale and volume of his fucking problems is way beyond the statistical threshold.  With enough data, superstition congeals into science.

Sometimes wanting to play a game with him involves going to his house and doing a bunch of tech support.  What is the opposite of dessert?  That’s what’s required.  Or, it was.  They must have put up a workaround in that little patch that just went out.  Okay!  Nevermind. It sucked though and I have decided to remain angry at Mike.

PAX AUS hits next month, and we’re still looking for a few Enforcers to make it the best show we can.  In exchange for a single six hour shift each day, you get a free pass and a community that is truly what you make it.  Already have a pass?  You can get a refund.  You have to be 18 years old as of the first day of the show.  Sound alright?  ”>Here’s the page where you can learn more.

The roster for this show is brilliant, the venue is amazing, and fucking Nerf Herder is playing.  Enforce or attend, but I am reeeeealy excited about this show.

(CW)TB out.

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