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Tycho / 10 hours ago

EA's premium digital offerings - EA Access on Xbox and Origin Access on PC - grant early play for their titles. Except when it doesn't work, and you got the same error message people were getting in the betas. I once suggested that EA games came with "free misery," nearly ten full years ago, and it's a policy they've maintained with pride. The problem isn't with subscription services or VIP access or whatever; it's their bits, they can apportion them however they want. And clubs are fun,…

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Tycho / 3 days ago

The main new things I've learned about Apex Legends are as follows: one, the Wingman is the return of the old Pistol from Halo. Remember that? How it was a pistol, but also kind of a sniper rifle? Yeah. Except here there's also a mod for it called a Skullsplitter; I'll let you tumble to its purpose on your own. It is surprisingly, perhaps even comically effective. Two, the Ping system we already said was great is even cooler than I thought, because it works in places I never thought…

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Tycho / 6 days ago

Gabe heard Titanfall downstairs, but on multiple axes - none of which made sense. His sons were playing multiplayer, which they were able to find enough players for somehow, and Kara was playing the single player campaign. The failure of Titanfall 2 is generally laid at the feet of Electronic Arts for not managing their stable of releases strategically, though there are many fans of the first Titanfall who'll say - independent of any business considerations - that changes to titan shielding…

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Tycho / 1 week ago

There was a spike of normal functionality mid-week, like one might expect from a modern city, but just as soon as we'd tasted civilization it was gone again. Brenna went shopping for the End Times, like she was stocking for a radical shift in governance from something like we have now - with established channels of authority from Federal, State, and County - to a marked declension of it centered primarily around tattooed despots with shotguns on quad bikes. It has served us well. We…

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